Nishimura Yuzen-Chokoku

Nishimura Yuzen-Chokoku Paper Pattern

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Nishimura Yuzen Chokoku Paper Pattern

Isekatagami is a Japanese handicraft paper that is normally used for dyeing textiles, especially kimono cloth. Nishimura carved an elegant pattern in this Isekatagami by a self-developed carving method called “kiribori”. The Isekatagami was framed in an acrylic paper weight cube and makes for a classy and stylish interior item.

About Nishimura Yuzen Chokoku: From kimono dyeing to iPad case design

Takeshi Nishimura from Kyoto is a living legend in the world of yuzen-chokoku, which is the craft of pattern paper carving used for yuzen-zome dyeing in the process of making a kimono.

With shrinking demand in the kimono market, Nishimura decided to transfer his craft to the products used in daily life to add a touch of tradition to modern life.

This has resulted in two series: Nishimura with Collectif Prémices, which is a collaboration with a French design team, and Nishimura with iPad.

Nishimura Yuzen-Chokoku Paper Pattern




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