Nishimura Yuzen-Chokoku

Nishimura leather iPad Air cover design 1

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Nishimura with iPad

Combining traditional craft with modern vision, Nishimura has created this intricately designed iPad cover that transports you into a different dimension with an illumination of vivid and powerful motifs when backlit by the iPad screen. These covers come in three sizes to use for you iPad, iPad mini or iPad air and can be ordered in navy blue, red or beige. Chose your favorite out of the three different designs and add a unique Japanese taste to your iPhone! 

About Nishimura Yuzen Chokoku: From kimono dyeing to iPad case design

Takeshi Nishimura from Kyoto is a living legend in the world of yuzen-chokoku, which is the craft of pattern paper carving used for yuzen-zome dyeing in the process of making a kimono.

With shrinking demand in the kimono market, Nishimura decided to transfer his craft to the products used in daily life to add a touch of tradition to modern life.

This has resulted in two series: Nishimura with Collectif Prémices, which is a collaboration with a French design team, and Nishimura with iPad.

Nishimura leather iPad Air cover design 1


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