Kyo Karakami Stamp Kit 2 <地紋セット>大浪

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Karakami Gift

Express thanks to someone or send a season’s greeting with your very own original karakami card using these Karakami kits that include the paint, prints and paper. Sophisticated yet easy to use, from children to the aged, all that is needed is a desire to send a heartfelt greeting made by hand.

About Maruni: Timeless Classic

Kyoto-based Maruni continues to observe the ancient methods of making Kyo Karakami – by hand, and with all-natural materials, from magnolia printing blocks harking back nearly 200 years, to ingredients derived from seaweed and shells to make the colouring materials. The patterns are classic designs from the Nara Period.

The crushed shells give karakami printing designs its unique iridescent shine that adds to the paper’s timeless appeal.

During the Edo era, this paper, which brings out the beauty of brush calligraphy best, also began to be used for fusuma shoji (paper screens for sliding doors).

Now, you too can transport the art of ancient Japanese living to your living room.

Applying this traditional craft to modern fixtures such as wall panels, wall paper, lanterns, fans and other accessories, Maruni has made this intangible cultural heritage, tangible to the homes and lives of the discerning.

Just like before the days of mass production, at Maruni, you can order a unique wall panel to your liking, choosing everything from the printing block pattern, to paper colour, printing colour and paper type.

Kyo Karakami Stamp Kit 2 <地紋セット>大浪




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